Accountant Liability

Anderson & Jahde brings a special expertise to representing the accounting profession. Some of our lawyers also earned CPA licenses and worked in tax and audit departments in the days of the Big Eight and Big Ten accounting firms. They have first-hand experience in the trenches of the accounting profession.

For years we have authored and taught professional education courses on ethics in tax practice and accountant liability. We have served as standard of care experts in accounting malpractice cases. We have defended accountant malpractice cases and we have prosecuted a few. We have helped accounting firms when they split. We have unparalleled experience in representing CPAs and return preparers in civil and criminal problems with the IRS and state taxing authorities; professional malpractice cases; complaints at the Colorado Board of Accountancy (and other state’s boards); and in complaints before the AICPA and SEC.

Our clients range from solo accounting practitioners to large CPA firms, and they number in the hundreds. On a national level, few have the breadth and depth of experience in representing the accounting profession to match that of Anderson & Jahde.

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