Guardianships & Conservatorships

When a person cannot make decisions regarding personal matters and financial affairs, it can be an overwhelming and worrisome situation for everyone involved.  An incapacitated individual may be a minor child or an adult.  In such a circumstance, an incapacitated individual may need a guardianship and/or conservatorship established in court.  In a guardianship and conservatorship, the court appoints a guardian and/or conservator to make decisions and manage assets.  The appointment may be temporary or permanent, and with or without restrictions as deemed appropriate in each case by the court.  The court supervises the proceedings when a guardianship or conservatorship is in place.

Our skilled attorneys have the background and experience to help establish and navigate both guardianships and conservatorships through Colorado courts.  These court proceedings are sometimes the only way to minimize the risk for personal harm, exploitation and asset dissipation.  We understand the importance of safely securing a way to help manage personal and financial matters when incapacity occurs.  Our attorneys have helped many individuals and families work through this process and the subsequent, ongoing court supervision involved.

We can help if you are faced with the need for a guardianship or conservatorship.

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