Sales & Use Tax Controversies

Compliance with Sales and Use Tax requirements is perhaps one of the most complicated compliance areas businesses face. In Colorado, there are over 70 home rule municipalities that impose their own sales and use taxes at over 20 different rates. And the State of Colorado collects sales taxes for over 150 cities and over 50 counties that collectively have 27 different tax rates.

In addition, Multi-State businesses face an array of compliance challenges that change from state to state and between municipalities within those states. With the internet developing as a major source of business sales and revenue, small businesses that once only sold on “main street” and paid Sales and Use taxes to a few taxing authorities within their state might now be required to file and pay taxes in a variety of states.

The tax attorneys at Anderson & Jahde, including Sales and Use Tax professors and teachers, represent businesses in all manners of sales and use tax issues. We can help you navigate this complex area of the law.