Trust & Estate Litigation

Litigation involving Trusts, Estates and Probate is a difficult area of the law.  Many Trust and Will litigation cases require broad knowledge of subjects such as fiduciary duties and liability, beneficiary disputes, elder abuse, financial abuse, capacity issues, undue influence, creditor’s claims, and probate procedures.

A case may have several complex claims. To navigate this type of case successfully, an attorney must have a thorough knowledge of applicable laws including those that guide the creation and administration of Trusts, Wills, Estates, and Probate. Additionally, an attorney must understand the litigation rules of procedure in all phases of a case including motions practice, discovery, alternative dispute resolution, and trial.

At Anderson & Jahde, PC, we understand this difficult area of the law and we have the skill sets necessary for strong representation.  Above all, we want to seek the right result on your behalf.

You may need help from the courts to apply the correct laws and seek the justice and fairness you deserve.  Clients hire us because we have the desire to fight hard for your rights, reach the best resolution for you, and be as creative as possible in handling your case.  We care about our clients and we want to help.