What to do when Confronted with Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud is a very serious matter that can result in civil and criminal prosecutions, severe penalties, jail time and a felony record. There are, however, different degrees and types of tax fraud and not all tax fraud is criminal. When confronted with potential tax fraud problems it is best to consult with a tax law professional, as opposed to an accountant. The tax lawyers at Anderson & Jahde have extensive tax fraud experience and can help with tax fraud …

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Two Common Tax Myths and Mistakes Made by Taxpayers

If you have legal questions about your taxes, or you have received a notice from the IRS and don’t know where to turn, the experienced tax attorneys at Anderson & Jahde, P.C. are here to help. In our new series of articles, our team of tax lawyers have outlined and debunked some of the most common tax myths and misconceptions, starting with settling tax liabilities and the collection of tax debts.

Taxpayer Rights Can Be Hidden in the Fine Print

Taxpayers have critically important legal rights about which the IRS is required to give clear notice to the taxpayer. In some instances, the IRS has started to place the key language required in these notices in less than prominent locations in taxpayer letters, and, in some instances, this important language is in what appears to be mundane routine print such that taxpayers and tax professionals may not see the real significance of the Notice.

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